Leighton Meester’s Cosmopolitan China Magazine Scans

I have uploaded new magazine scans of Leigthon Meester for February issue of Cosmopolitan China to the gallery.

Leighton Meester Does Flaunt Magazine

I have uploaded new magazine scans of Leighton Meester on the cover of November issue of Flaunt magazine.

Leighton Meester Covers ‘British Cosmopolitan’ October 2012

Leighton Meester shows off her back on the cover of British Cosmopolitan‘s October 2012 issue, on newsstands and available as a digital edition September 13.

Here is what the 26-year-old Gossip Girlactress had to share with the mag:

On not wearing makeup: “I don’t care if there are a million pictures of me with no makeup. I love being able to walk down the street without it. We should promote women not having to wear makeup, or at least feel we can go out without it.”

On comparing her style to Blair Waldorf’s: “I’ve never seen Blair with the same bag, coat or shoes twice. I don’t know anyone who had that. I had two pairs of jeans [when I was a teenager] that I rotated. I wouldn’t trust myself with a Prada brag! I didn’t even want to change for gym so I’d wear sweatpants over my jeans, then sweat around the track for an hour.”

On being awkward around people: “If I’m not around close friends or family, I can get quiet and awkward, and it probably comes off as not very nice or just plain weird! It’s not meant to. I try to pull myself out of it but sometimes it’s hard for me to open up. In the past it was easier for me to trust people. Nowadays I judge pretty quickly: ‘You just want to be my friend because I’m on a TV show.’”

For more from Leighton, visit Cosmopolitan.co.uk and pick up the issue for the full interview!

Source: Just Jared

Leighton Meester “The Orange” Trailer Screen Captures + Video

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Leighton Meester New “Marie Claire” Magazine Scans

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Leighton on Cleo Australia September Cover Girl Scan

I’ve added a new scan cover of Leighton Meester appears on the cover of the September 2011 Issue of Australia’s Cleo magazine. Click here to view the hi res version in the gallery.

The 25-year-old ‘Gossip Girl’ star tells the mag: “Fame to me is just silliness and I don’t want any of that. I guess that’s part of my job but I think my job is acting and that’s where I find my joy.” “I don’t really have any issues or problems with [the stardom]. The best part of that aspect is that we have great fans.”

Leighton Meester Featured In “Marie Claire” Magazine

I have uploaded new scan of Leighton Meester featured in July issue of “Marie Claire” magazine.

Leighton Meester In China Issue Of “L’Officiel” Magazine Scans

I have uploaded new scans of Leighton Meester featured on the cover for China issue of “L’Officiel” magazine.

Leighton Meester “Gossip Girl” TV Guide Scan

I have uploaded new scan of Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick featured in April issue of “TV Guide” magazine.

A big event on Gossip Girl
Could this sneak peek at the CW drama’s season 4 finale (May 16) mean that chuck (Ed Westwick, left) and Blair (Leighton Meester, right) will have the reconciliation fans have been waiting for? Or… maybe even a wedding? Exec producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran are coy about the details but Safran confirms that Blair will have an engagement ring on her finger by season’s end, and that “this [photo] may or may not have something to do with that.” Adds Savage: “Blair has always been in search of her fairy tale, so the end of this season is very much about ‘What is that fairy tale?'”

Leighton Meester Graces “Girlfriend” Australia Magazine Cover Scan

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Full Leighton Meester Featured On L’Officiel Magazine Scans

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Leighton Meester Featured In March Issue Of L’Officiel Magazine

I have uploaded new magazine cover scan of Leighton Meester featured in March issue of L’Officiel magazine.


Leighton Meester 2011 Magazine Scans Updated

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Leighton Meester: “I’m a grown woman and sometimes I might be a little bit fat!”

Thanks to her magnetic screen presence and weekly must-watch TV show, it’s never been hard to watch Leighton Meester.  But thanks to two back-to-back movies – Country Strong, out now, and The Roommate, premiering February 4 – the Florida native has quickly catapulted from TV star to Hollywood’s new hot property.

She’s also our February cover girl – after all, it is The Love Month, and we’re totally head-over-heels for this New York-based actress.

Leighton Meester on Blair Waldorf:
Blair is…. I don’t know what she is… I have to enter a completely foreign body to sympathize with Blair and her decisions.  You know, Blair grew up very savvy, well-educated, and lonely.  I think her mother is not the most supportive person and… Blair is very competitive and conniving, and it obviously comes, usually, from a very human place, but she makes decisions that I would never make.

Leighton Meester on her Country Strong character, Chiles Stanton:
She is so scared of people thinking of her as this ignorant, vapid, pretty face, and you know, I can totally understand where she’s coming from because, especially if you come from Dallas Texas, you’re a beauty queen – you don’t play the guitar, you’re writing seemingly meaningless pop songs.  All that I can relate to, totally.  It’s sad and sweet at the same time.”

Minka Kelly on Leighton Meester during the filming of The Roommate:
She worked with psychologists; she really studied the illness of the character, so much that at times on set i was a little concerned whether or not she was there because she scared me so much!  The look in her eye was so surreal I was in awe at how much she committed to it.

Leighton Meester on Her Family and Friends:
I like to be judged by my family and friends because they know me.  If they think I’m being an asshole I’d like them to tell me, but if I’m fat or something I’m like, “Well, so?  OK?  Great!”  It doesn’t even matter; it’s like, “What if I am fat? Does it matter?”… I’m a grown woman and sometimes, I might be a little fat, you know!  Am I alone there?  Not really!

Recent Leighton Meester Magazine & Photoshoot Updates

I’ve added recent scans cover of Leighton Meester done for Nylon & Glamour magazine to the gallery. Also, outtakes from Glamour has been added to the gallery as well.