Leighton Meester’s net worth, salary per episode & endorsements

In the modern world, we can’t deny the meaning of dollars. Even Leighton is not only in it for fun.

Still best known as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, some people forget she also accumulated a fair amount of wealth through her singing, and acting in movies. She reportedly has made an impressive $5 million dollar, and this estimated net worth not even includes husband Adam Brody’s fortune. Her salary during Gossip Girl is said to have been around a little less then a million a year, and around 50k per episode. This is still in the realm of rumors, but is confirmed to be true for Blake Lively.

You should also not forget the money earned through endorsements, like her commercial for Vera Wang.

Money was even reason for some family problems, as Leighton reportedly filed a lawsuit against her mother when she used money meant for Leighton’s brother health problems, to get cosmetic surgery.