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Are Dan and Blair over already? Blair’s blunt brush-off last week certainly made it seem that way, but this is Gossip Girl and there’s just no way fans would be rewarded with so little pay-off.

That said, we’ve got some unresolved issues. Why do we care about Raina, again? Will Vanessa stop pining for Dan? And haven’t all the lead actors said recently that they want to move on from the show?

Gossip Girl’s Billy Baldwin: William will once again rock the apple card

With these questions burning a hole in our gut, and just four episodes left this season, we turn to executive producer Joshua Safran, who gives the dirt on that, as well as what to expect for Blair and her trio of suitors, whether or not Ben is really out of Serena’s life, and where new girl Charlie fits in.

Are Dan and Blair (Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester) over already? We refuse to believe it.
Joshua Safran: No, keep watching. Of course that story is not over.

Go on…
Safran: What I will say is Dan and Blair were four seasons in the making. To come to the place where they were able to admit they were friends was four seasons in the making, so hopefully it will not take another four seasons to find another level in their friendship. The story between them is not over.

So is Chuck (Ed Westwick) in trouble? And we also have Prince Louis (Hugo Becker) back on the scene. It seems like Blair is the new Serena (Blake Lively).
Safran: Maybe! There are people who we’re in love with when we’re 16, and they’re not the people you end up with — unless they are the people you end up with. The writers are on the same journey with Blair as she takes it. Who knows where it will end up? Obviously, Chuck and Blair have a bond and connection that will never truly be severed, but does that mean they end up together in a conventional sense? We’ll see.

But have you mapped it out in your own mind?
Safran: No. That’s one of the things I love so much about television. You get to continue and grow with the characters. The only time I would ever say we had an endgame is if we knew the show was ending. The show is not ending and we look forward to going down the road with these characters. Hopefully that’s many years off…

In the past several months, a lot of your actors have expressed that maybe they’re ready to move on from Gossip Girl. What do you make of that? Are you anticipating it?
Safran: At this point, we’re waiting for our Season 5 pickup and our actors are all contracted through the end of Season 6, so we look very much forward to working with them for at least the next two years.

Taylor Momsen is included in that?
Safran: Jenny remains very much a part of the show. As for whether she returns this season, I have to say wait and see — I don’t want to spoil it! As for the future, we’re still waiting on a Season 5 pickup before we decide anything.

OK, moving on. Is Ben (David Call) gone for good? It seemed like he and Serena were just getting started?
Safran: There are no plans in the next five episodes for him to return, but the story continues.

Did you feel like the Ben storyline was working?
Safran: We had planned well ahead of time that this was going to be the number of episodes for that story because it was part of a larger arc. It had to lead to Lilly’s arrest. So, it wasn’t a question of working or not working — it was always our intention to leave it where we did. We’re happy with the way it played out. But it’s Gossip Girl, and there’s always a chance for people to return, whether it’s bearing new secrets or just coming back. In our minds, the doors are never closed to anyone.

Tell us about The Thorpes giving Chuck and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) so much trouble. Now that Lily is under house arrest, what role does Raina (Tika Sumpter), still serve, other than to make things weird between Chuck and Nate?
Safran: Well, the Thorpes are all part of the same spine, which is sort of ‘the sins of the father,’ or parents rather, that we’ve created this year. You’ll see in the last episodes what exactly transpired between Bart and Raina’s father Russell (Michael Boatman)and Raina’s mother — that story is of a piece with the Lilly story.

As for Raina, she is like most of our kids — the child of this parent who didn’t necessarily go about things the right way, and now the child is paying the price for it. She has that in common with Chuck, and also Nate. It’s very much a running theme with our leads, and we thought she folded in nicely.

What’s the deal with Charlie (Kaylee DeFer)? Our initial thought was Single White Female—
Safran: Sweet Charlie? No!

OK, that’s just the way our minds work then. We’ll revise: What is Sweet Charlie’s deal coming in this late in the game? She’s like a have, raised as a have-not.
Safran: Right. She hasn’t been allowed to be a part of it, so she’s coming to grips with just what she has missed her entire life. Whether it’s the family she didn’t know or the money she never experienced the luxury of. It’s about what getting all that does to her. Also, it’s about her maybe having feelings for somebody…

Somebody named Dan. Gotcha! Speaking of Dan, Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) always seem to get a raw deal. Everyone’s always rooting for Dan and Serena, and this season she really stepped in it teaming up with Juliet (Katie Cassidy) and Little J. Are we supposed to dislike her? Or is she just making bad decisions?
Safran: Vanessa, in my mind, always serves an important purpose. She’s Dan’s childhood best friend, and she’s watched him slowly become more and more consumed by the Upper East Side — or pulled into it, as it were. His father married into it. She’s sort of that voice of reason for Dan.

Now, whether or not that’s true reason or what she thinks is true reason, because Dan is going to a place she didn’t want him to, that’s what we deal with in terms of Vanessa. That’s what we play with. In these last five episodes, she’s very much trying to help get Dan back to his roots. There are fans that don’t like her and fans that do. But as writers, she serves a very specific purpose and without her there wouldn’t be a balance.

Source: TV Guide

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These aren’t necessarily the worst couples on TV this season (after all, Jim and Pam are missing from the list), but rather the romantic pairings whose fan followings are most disproportionate to our current interest levels. Granted, we may once been invested in their storylines at one time, but at this point we’d just wish that their respective shows would finally move beyond them.

3. Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)
He’s sad and lonely because she’s not paying attention to him, even though until five minutes ago he was busy hooking up with some other rich heiress. She’s sad and lonely because she kissed a Humphrey (not Jenny) and then realized that she should not be slumming at this point in her life. The only things more tiring than the UES’ most inevitable couple’s repeated on-again, off-again status changes are the contrived reasons the show keeps coming up with to keep them apart.


Posted on Apr 19, 2011 Written by Graces

Watch out, Serena (Blake Lively). There’s a new blond coming to the Upper East Side and something tells us she’s about to stir things up in a big way.

Kaylee DeFer makes her “Gossip Girl” debut on tonight’s (Apr. 18) episode, “The Kids Stay in the Picture,” as Serena’s cousin from Florida, Charlie. After watching the first two episodes back, Zap2it couldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out with DeFer backstage at the KTLA Morning Show.

“Charlie has a very difficult relationship with her mother, whose played by Sheila Kelley, and my whole life my mom told me that the Van Der Woodsens are these horrible people,” DeFer says of Charlie’s first appearance on the UES. “When I find out that my mom gets asked to come and be a part of this family photo shoot, I decide I want to come and find out for myself what it’s all about.”

The arrival of any UES newcomer begs the question: Are they good or bad? If we’ve learned anything from “GG,” it’s that newcomers usually can’t be trusted. (See: Juliet Sharpe, Jack Bass, Russell Thorpe, etc.) DeFer wouldn’t reveal too much, but tells us, “She’s different from everyone. She has her layers. She’s not just one or the other. I think that people are really going to relate to her, but things get twisted.”

Fans can expect Charlie to get caught in the show’s love… hexagon as it seems she’s going to form a connection with Dan (Penn Badgley). DeFer teases,”Well, It’s ‘Gossip Girl.’ There might be a few opportunities for that to happen.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Kaylee has played Badgley’s love interest. The two starred together on the short-lived WB series “The Mountain.” “Penn’s super easy to work with. He’s really fun. He’s such a down-to-earth real guy,” DeFer tells us of working with Badgley again. “We just kind of goofed off the whole time.”

When we asked DeFer for a finale tease, she would only say, “Charlie does end up finally coming in contact with everyone.” In the second episode back, “Petty in Pink,” airing on Apr. 25, we kind of got the vibe that Charlie may have been purposefully avoiding Dan’s ex-BFF Vanessa (Jessica Szohr). Hm… could Charlie have a secret connection to Vanessa?

Finally, DeFer tells us how she landed the part of Charlie… and which role she originally auditioned for on the CW show.

“I originally auditioned for the role that Tika Sumpter has [Raina]. The producers, Stephanie Savage and Joe Lazarov, saw my tape and they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, Kaylee! We haven’t seen her in so long,’ and I got a phone call from Stephanie saying they were writing this character and they saw my audition and thought of me,” DeFer explains. “It was a really interesting, cool, unique process where they had me in mind, wrote this character and I kind of just jumped into it. It was a huge honor. That never happens in Hollywood. It’s never happened to me at least! It was a very easy auditioning process.”

Source: Zip 2 It

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Oh, it feels good to be back on the Upper East Side, “Gossip Girl” fans.

After a brutally long six week hiatus, our favorite guilty pleasure returned and finally ended the massive speculation on the outcome of Dan and Blair’s first kiss on Monday, Apr. 18, with “The Kids Stay in the Picture.”

Before we get to The Kiss (or lack thereof considering we didn’t actually see it. CHEAT!), let us just state we are barely going to acknowledge the whole Modern Royalty photo shoot storyline in this recap. We weren’t feelin’ it so we don’t feel like writing about it. Deal.

“TKSITP” saw a lot of action: The return of Spike’s mean vampire mother Anne Lily’s mother CeCe and husband No. 1 William Van Der Woodsen, the introduction of Carol and Charlie, Lily dealing with the fallout of turning herself in, Nate looking pretty and oh yeah, the aftermath of The Kiss.

So let’s get into it. Here are our top 10 moments and quotes from “The Kids Stay in the Picture,” waffles included. BYOS (Bring your own syrup, duh!): • Read full story »

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Leighton Meester appears in a flowery dress on the cover of Australian teen mag, Dolly.

Leighton, 25, is quoted in the mag saying she was ‘picked on because I was a dork’ when she was a schoolgirl.

Recalling a time far different from that of her glamorous Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf, adds, ‘We didn’t have a ton of money, so I couldn’t say, ‘Mum, I need to have these crazy expensive jeans’.

‘I had long, tangles hair and wore baggy T-shirts.’

Source: Monsters and Critics


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In the last original episode of the addictive CW drama “Gossip Girl” that aired in February, straight-arrow Dan (Penn Badgley) and queen bee Blair (Leighton Meester), two very different characters who have been slowly building an unstoppable attraction for each other all season, finally shared a kiss that not only wow’d the characters but also those viewers who have been patiently waiting for a coupling to commence.

Now, as the remaining episodes of the stellar fourth season begin to air tonight, the question is will we see “Dair” blossom into a new super couple on the show and how will the others react? Who are the new characters being added to an already crowded cast tonight? How does a show with such a strong base of younger viewers get away with pushing-the-envelope-sayings like “What the wuck?” Our Jim Halterman went right to the sources and rang up Executive Producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran to get all the answers about “Gossip Girl” and also to see how Savage’s newest project, the ABC pilot “Georgetown,” is shaping up.

Jim Halterman: Let’s jump in with the Dan and Blair pairing. How much thought went into it before you thought ‘OK, let’s go there!’

Stephanie Savage: We feel that that dynamic went back to season one. That very first episode that Josh wrote had a critical Dan and Blair bonding scene and I think when we saw the actors together we realized that even though we had created these characters to be polar opposites they actually had a lot in common. It takes a certain level of maturity and it seems like something that happens to you in college instead of high school when you can actually feel comfortable being with someone who is so different from who you thought you were supposed to be with.

JH: I feel like Blair has really come into her own this season and isn’t defined by her relationships like maybe she was in the past. Was that a goal this past year?

Joshua Safran: In episode nine this year, Blair says ‘I need to become powerful on my own before I’m attached to somebody who is powerful.’ I think that was very much a decision we had made. You have to stand alone and find the strength within yourself to be not only powerful for the world but powerful for a relationship.

SS: Blair was really put through the ringer at the end of season three so we wanted to give her her space to get grounded and find herself a little bit.

JH: You have so many characters to service but yet you introduce new characters in this first episode back. Can you talk about bringing Carol (Sheila Kelley) and Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) into the mix?

SS: Carol and Charlie are a part of this family so adding them was very organic. Aunt Carol in Miami is mentioned in the pilot so we feel like she’s always been with us and we had a great time involving her character in our flashback episode with Krysten Ritter so we knew we would always meet adult/grown-up Aunt Carol. Lily’s pending incarceration felt like the right moment for that. • Read full story »

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