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It is So. On.

Gossip Girl returns from its two month-long hiatus tonight with the first of five all-new episodes and an answer to this burning question: Dan and Blair kissed — now what?!

Well, based on the following exclusive clip from the eppy, the smooch leads to what I can only assume will be the first of several tense encounters between Dan and B’s ex Chuck. The following scene also confirms what I long suspected: Dan has genuine feelings for his onetime nemesis.


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I have uploaded new scan of Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick featured in April issue of “TV Guide” magazine.

A big event on Gossip Girl
Could this sneak peek at the CW drama’s season 4 finale (May 16) mean that chuck (Ed Westwick, left) and Blair (Leighton Meester, right) will have the reconciliation fans have been waiting for? Or… maybe even a wedding? Exec producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran are coy about the details but Safran confirms that Blair will have an engagement ring on her finger by season’s end, and that “this [photo] may or may not have something to do with that.” Adds Savage: “Blair has always been in search of her fairy tale, so the end of this season is very much about ‘What is that fairy tale?'”

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The CW’s Gossip Girl resumes its fourth season on Monday, April 18, with the first of five all-new episodes, and whether you’re Team Chair, Dair, or Who Cares?!, showrunners Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran tell TVLine that fans will not want to miss how the cycle ends.

“Last year’s finale was a little bit darker,” admits Savage, “and this one is more juicy and fun.” Adds Safran, “Every finale is a game-changer, but this one really is spinning everyone off in new ways that will be apparent as you watch it.”

Yet while Safran promises, “The road map for all of the characters will be very clear” as the yet-to-be-renewed drama wraps Season 4, “That’s not to say there won’t multiple cliffhangers.”

Throughout the first two of this season’s final five episodes, the journey for Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) is among those that gets crystalized. The Upper East Side princess will find herself in the predicament of a lifetime, torn between her “friendship” with Dan (Penn Badgley), her undying love for Chuck (Ed Westwick), and her prospective fairy tale ending with Prince Louis (Hugo Becker).

“That story keeps building right up until the finale episode,” says Savage, revealing that “the last two episodes [of the season] are actually a two-parter that all takes place during the course of one night.”

While Blair is juggling men (and perhaps multiple proposals!) in New York, Serena (Blake Lively) finds herself on the West Coast with the handsome Ethan Peck (10 Things I Hate About You). “Every year we try to do something big, like last year when we sent the girls to Paris,” explains Safran. “So, this is just a fun change in location for Serena.”

The Gossip EP is tight-lipped when it comes to details on Peck’s role, but does say that contrary to rumors, “I wouldn’t call [his appearance] an arc. He’s in the season finale, and he’s great.”

Chuck Bass, on the other hand, is not so great, especially after launching an investigation into his late father’s role in the alleged death of Raina’s (Tika Sumpter) mother. “It is always darkest before the dawn,” Safran teases. “And Chuck, he gets very, very dark.”

Are you eager to see which guy Blair chooses? Hopeful Chuck will find some happiness? Sound off below, and don’t miss Gossip Girl‘s return on Monday, April 18 at 8/7c.

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So, some of you are Dairing and other of you are Chairing, but where’s Team Royal Wedding? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Hmm … that’s what I thought.

But let’s be realistic. A man shows up at your doorstep with a shoe you lost months ago in Paris? You’re not gonna take the shoe, say thanks, and close the door in his handsome face. So we wouldn’t expect Blair, ever the royal in waiting, to do that either. The problem? SO MANY OTHER MEN! Also, not everyone will be thrilled to see civilian Blair on the arm of a prince — namely the Royal brood. Winning them over could turn out to be Blair’s biggest challenge yet, if she chooses to stick by him. Note that I said if. You will know her answer by the end of the April 25 episode.

Also in that ep, Chuck is off attending to Bass matters, and while it seems he might have checked out of the fight for Blair, something tells me his discoveries could lead him to a dark place. You know, the kind of dark place he and Blair always seem to meet. And in the case of Dair, it will be a big episode for the pair because it sheds light on their true feelings.

Conclusion: In the coming episodes, deciding your allegiances might be as confusing as the most convoluted of Gossip Girl schemes. Enjoy.

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Leighton Meester has confessed she never cleans up after herself now she lives alone.

The glamorous Gossip Girl beauty stars as a psycho roommate in new horror film The Roommate and admits she’d be a “weird” person to live with in real life.

Leighton revealed: “I’m really weird – because I used to have roommates!

“I don’t know, now, living alone, I’m sure I do all kinds of weird things that people are like ‘that’s weird!’

“But, it’s nice to live alone. You don’t have to clean up, you don’t have to do anything, just be yourself.”

In the film, co-starring Minka Kelly and Burlesque’s Cam Gigandet, Leighton’s character does crazy things to get her roommate’s attention including killing her kitten by putting it in a tumble dryer and beating herself up so she can pretend she was mugged.

Leighton admitted her character was so creepy she has tried to blank it out.

She revealed: “I had kind of forgotten, I sort of have a self-induced amnesia about it and I just saw it and I was like ‘oh yeah, I forgot about that’ it’s pretty crazy.

“It ultimately is very creepy but I think as long as you know that it’s coming from a good place in her mind. She rationalises the weirdest things but it’s all so she can have a good friend.”

The Roommate is released in cinemas on Friday April 15, 2011.

Source: The Press Association

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It’s being called “the kiss four seasons in the making” and it has started a civil war amongst “Gossip Girl” fans.
On Monday, Apr. 18, viewers will finally learn the outcome of Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair’s (Leighton Meester) first kiss… and how it impacts all the show’s characters, especially Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Serena (Blake Lively).

Zap2it had spoken with “GG” executive producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran before about the decision to explore the odd couple’s chemistry. In the same interview, we asked if they have pre-determined end games in mind for certain characters.

“There’s definitely some stories that we have an end game in mind for. Some stories definitely have end points, end games,” Savage revealed at the time. “Others, it seems like those characters’ journeys are much more about finding their way so it gives us a little more space to explore different possibilities.”

In a recent interview with TVLine, Safran echoed the sentiment, saying, “One thing we are very conscious of — and I know some fans get upset about this — is we really try to treat the characters as living, breathing, well-rounded individuals. And we’re often surprised by where their journeys take them; they open new doors for us all the time. It’s not like we’re saying, ‘No, there’s only this one couple and that’s it.'”

Instead of focusing on end games that have yet to be determined or asking about spoilers that are all over the web, we decided to focus on the feedback they’ve been receiving from fans when we chatted with Savage and Safran about the show’s final five episodes of the season. (Death threats via e-mail included. Seriously.) They’ve seen all your complaints, praises and hashtags. Yes, fans, they even know about the #bringbackchuckandblair and #redeemchuckbass Twitter campaigns.

What can fans expect from the last five episodes of Season 4?
Safran:They can expect all the stories that have been moving seemingly side by side coming together in a major way like we like to do at the end of a season, where they sort of link up and everybody’s all together. You can expect a lot more romance. Well, there’s already been romance, but even more romance. Some adventure, I would say. I just think that the core dynamics that we always try to place with are still there: Serena and Blair having their issues over what just happened as you’ve witnessed, Chuck and Blair having their issue about what just happened. Across the board, all the balls we have in the air are going to land.

Obviously fans have been very vocal about the Dan and Blair storyline, something we’ve really been loving this season. What reaction have you been seeing the most from fans?
Safran:The funny thing is that, and I think it’s true of sort of any factions of fans, the people who love Dan and Blair we don’t hear from right now because they are loving the story and the people who don’t love the story are the ones you hear from and then vice versa. If that were to change or whenever there’s a change, you sort of hear from the angriest group the most. They have been very angry and I have been hearing from them a lot. I just keep wanting to say Season 4 is wrapped, just wait and see because I think there’s something for everybody. That’s my thing about the end of the season is I feel like you’d be hard-pressed as a fan to not be happy in some way about some part of what’s going on. • Read full story »

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filigree_apogee: Any good news for Chuck/Blair fans?

Yes and no. First the good news: Dair haters can breathe a sigh of relief—that Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) nomance nonsense appears to be over. That doesn’t mean they’ve stopped kissing…but their last liplock is just for show (but to a much bigger audience than they intended, oops). And now for the really bad news:

BonnieClyde19: Anything else happening with Chair on Gossip Girl? How about Chuck, will we see him mature?
Mature Chuck (Ed Westwick) does make a brief appearance in the coming episodes—but so does Party Chuck and Player Chuck, whom Blair wants nothing to do with.

wrightst3: Is there anything coming up on Gossip Girl for Chair fans to get excited about?
If by “excited” you mean “distressed and overwrought,” then yes, you are about to get very excited. And speaking of excitement, Queen B herself has caught royal wedding fever, but not even the opportunity to wear Princess Di’s dress is enough to lure Blair back to Chuck’s side. Especially when another Prince Charming sweeps her off her feet. Want more Chair stuff? Of course you do, so check back later this week for more on the Upper East Side gang from Gossip bosses Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran, including promises about Chair and a really tantalizing tease about…Dan. Yes, you heard us: Dan goodies. You know you want ‘em…right?

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For those of you how haven’t read them, here are the detailed spoilers for episodes 4×18 “The Kids Stay in the Picture” and 4×19 “Pretty In Pink” now posted at SpoilerTV.

The same poster from TWOP added more spoilers:

“It wan’t ducks. I couldn’t remember in my recap exactly what was said but then I went back. Blair suggests that she was done kissing toads (referring to Dan) in comparison to Chuck her prince. Dorota responds with “Dan Humphrey is more labrador than toad”. Later in the episode Blair is talking to Dan about the kiss.He says to her that the kiss was like a social experiment gone wrong and that it didn’t mean anything to him either (this is epi one before his own revelation in epi 2) and she responds with “Oh.” And then she makes a comment like “it was like a princess kissing a labrador” to which Dan thanks her for calling him a labrador and not a toad. LOL.

Yes, Dan is still there for part of it, the part where she confronts Chuck about the scheme and tells him that “Dan may not be royalty but at least he’s not a child”. She does tell Chuck that she wanted to be with him etc but she realized he’s not done scheming around and she’s over that, that he’s not capable of a real relationship blah blah blah.

Dan and Blair DO talk about the kiss. Blair makes a blank statement to Chuck that both of them didn’t like the kiss and Dan just stands there. Later, Dan and Blair are alone and that’s when they have the whole, it was a social experiment gone wrong convo. Dan tells her it didn’t mean anything to him either etc. It ends withDan telling Blair ” “Your prince is out there waiting for you, it might not be me or Chuck but he’s out there.”Blair is never aware that Dan was game if she was, i.e. after Chuck told him that the kiss was life changing he went to the photoshoot under the assumption that Blair planned the whole thing to bring him there. Once she told Chuck that the kiss reinforced she wanted to be with him, Dan just kept his mouth shut and agreed. In episode two both of them in front of Serena deny the kiss meant anything, Blair going so far as to say, “biggest mistake of my life” at which point Dan calls that “an overstatement” but agreed it was a bad kiss. At the end of the episode Dan tells Charlie, alone in his apartment, she says “I saw the kiss, I think you really like her. He responds with “You might be right, I’ve been trying to convince myself that I can handle being friends with her but I realized tonight that I can’t then later “I just never thought the person that I want would be Blair Waldorf.” • Read full story »


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Leighton Meester would never sacrifice a movie role that she was passionate about as she thinks job satisfaction is fundamental.

The 24-year-old American actress shot to international fame playing Blair Waldorf in US teen drama Gossip Girl, and she is often cited as one of Hollywood’s most talented rising stars.

Leighton’s movie credits include musical drama Country Strong, which she starred in alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, and the rising star says she always involves herself in projects she feels passionate about. • Read full story »

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Thanks for the #gossipgirl #chuckandblair scoop. Any more hints? Will Chuck fight for Blair? Will Chuck and Dan fight it out? — @carlybb
When you say “fight” do you mean literally? If so, then no. Actually, if you’re a Chuck and Blair fan who is hating on the Hump, prepare for your hate to diminish a bit after the first episode back (airing April 18).

Can you please tell us anything about the Gossip Girl triangle that will most likely be Chuck/Blair/Prince? We Chair fans would appreciate it. #savechuckandblair – Melissa
Sorry, my dear Chair fan, trust me when I say you won’t be excited to see the Prince. Something happens just before his arrival that will make you want to shove him back in the limo and send him home.

Hello! I’m from Slovakia and we watch Gossip Girl there, too! Thank you so much for last CB spoiler! It was amazing of you! I have one question that I would love you to answer! Are writers done with torturing Chuck? Will he be redeemed this season? — Magdalena
Of course they’re not done torturing Chuck! Let’s be honest, it’s fun to see him squirm a little. “I would say that Chuck will continue to grapple in these last five episodes with Bass Industries and all the secrets that he is learning,” exec producer Josh Safran tells EW. “Blair has always been the one place that he can go to talk about those issues — as witnessed by the end of the last episode that aired, where he is like, ‘I need to talk to Blair.’” Translation: Blair will be there to break the fall. We hope literally. Sorry, that was my bad attempt at a nasty joke. I won’t try that again.

Source: EW

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