Leighton Meester “Gossip Girl” 5×13 G.G. Promo Still

I have uploaded new promotional still of Leighton Meester in “Gossip Girl” 5×13 G.G. to the gallery.

First Look at Blair’s Wedding

More Gossip Girl Spoilers

The Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode, which airs January 30., will not only feature Blair’s wedding, but plenty of surprises and rewards for faithful viewers. Here are spoilers:

  • This is the biggest episode yet since the pilot.
  • The title is “G.G.”’ as in the movie Gigi.
  • There will be a big dance sequence in which “we were all dressed as people who are not ourselves”, Blake Lively shared a spoiler.
  • Penn Badgley said that on wedding day, “Dan has a role to play that is not conventional” … and that once viewers find out what it is, “There will be a lot of gasping.
  • There’s currently a casting going on for main cast lookalikes.
  • Chuck is present at Blair’s royal wedding on Jan. 30., we can all assume that he survives the car wreck.

That’s all for now. Make sure you watch the promo for January 16. episode is case you haven’t already.

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Leighton Meester OnLocation Filming “Gossip Girl” 12/14 Photos

I have uploaded new candids of Leighton Meester on the set filming “Gossip Girl” on December 14, 2011.

Leighton Meester OnLocation Filming “Gossip Girl” 12/13 Photos

I have uploaded new candids of Leighton Meester on the set filming “Gossip Girl” on December 13, 2011.

Leighton Meester’s Mom Backs Off, Drops Claim to Gossip Girl Dough

Leighton Meester doesn’t have to give her mother anything but coal this Christmas.

Constance Meester has dropped her $3 million lawsuit against her daughter, in which she stated that she “sacrificed her happiness” to help Leighton pursue acting and that the Gossip Girl star is legally bound to support her, E! News has confirmed.

But Leighton isn’t ready to stand down just yet…

The actress’ attorney tells E! that she is still seeking a judgment against Constance that will state, in black and white, that she does not owe her mother parental support.

“Leighton is still seeking declaratory relief from the court, which we hope to have wrapped up in the very near future,” says lawyer James Spertus. Leighton’s personal rep has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Constance’s now-former attorney, Robert Silverman, would only confirm that they decided to drop to their suit in October.

In a previous court filing, Leighton stated that Constance took money that she sent to the family for her sick brother’s care and spent it on plastic surgery and other comparatively frivolous things.

Constance counterfiled, claiming that she ponied up roughly $230,000 on private school and acting classes for Leighton over the years and that her daughter agreed to give her $10,000 a month after she was deemed a “dependant adult” per California’s Welfare and Institutions Code.

Source: E Online

Leighton Meester In Gossip Girl ‘5×10 – Riding In Town Cars With Boys’ Screen Captures

I’ve added new tv screen captures of Leightn Meester in Gossip Girl’s ‘5×10 – Riding In Town Cars With Boys‘ episode to the gallery.

Gossip Girl 5×11 Promo Preview


Leighton Meester Filming ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5 on 30/11 Photos

I’ve added new filming photos of Leighton Meester onlocation of “Gossip Girl” in NYC on November 30, 2011.

Notice: Spoilers ahead.

Leighton Meester New “Beauty Book For Brain Cancer” Outtake

I’ve added new outtake of Leighton Meester taken for “Beauty Book For Brain Cancer” to the gallery.

Leighton Meester in “Gossip Girl” S5x09 ‘Rhodes To Perdition’ Screen Captures

I’ve added new screen captures of Leighton Meester in “Gossip Girl” Season 5, Episode 9, “Rhodes To Perdition” to the gallery.

Gossip Girl 5×10 ‘Riding In Town Cars With Boys’ Promo Preview Videos



Big Gossip Girl Blair’s Baby Spoiler For Next Episode!


As Gossip Girl keeps the over-the-top Blair Waldorf plotlines coming (Blair’s getting married! And having a baby!), Vulture has been wondering which of these story lines the show will actually see through. Like, could Blair really become a mother? We didn’t actually expect to get an answer to that question when we showed up to last weekend’s fête for the series’ 100th episode (which airs in January), but get one we did, when Margaret Colin (a.k.a. Eleanor Waldorf) let slip that she“had to show up to work to find out that, you know, that she lost the baby.”As if that weren’t confirmation enough, executive producer Joshua Safran gave a coy answer when pressed about Blair’s impending motherhood, saying that she’ll “maybe have a baby.” Guess we won’t be seeing a Chuck Bass Jr. or a Prince Louis running around anytime soon.

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Gossip Girl 5×09 Promo Video


Leighton Meester “Gossip Girl” 5×08 All The Pretty Sources Captures

I have uploaded new screen captures of Leighton Meester in “Gossip Girl” 5×08 All The Pretty Sources to the gallery.