Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Welcome Baby Girl ‘Arlo’!

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody’s baby girl has arrived…and now we know what they named her.

Although the couple is super private, it was revealed that they welcomed a daughter Tuesday, Aug. 4 in Whittier, Calif., with People reporting that her name is Arlo Day Brody.

Leighton and Adam are so private that they actually never confirmed the pregnancy or the birth themselves. They also have never talked to the media about their marriage or wedding after tying the knot in early 2014.

Little Arlo might be in for some awesome play dates, though, considering Leighton’s former Gossip Girl costar Blake Lively welcomed a baby girl last December. Fans of the show were swooning over the thought of just that, tweeting away about the possibility of a mini Gossip Girl squad.

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A Gossip Girl Turns Heartbreaker

Leighton Meester surprises us with her guitar—and enjoys having a good laugh

Photography by Michael Dallatorre

Leighton Meester came to fame playing Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, but in the two years since that hit CW series went off the air, she’s become so much more than even industry watchers expected. This year alone spent months as a lead in Broadway’s Of Mice and Men (alongside James Franco and Chris O’Dowd), starred in three films (including her wonderful lesbian lead role in the upcoming Life Partners), and married The OC’s Adam Brody (a.k.a. geeky boy Seth). With the release of her solo debut album, the cynics will be on the attack, but the wonderful Heartstrings (available Oct. 28)—which will surely draw comparisons to Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell—means Meester should also be lauded gorgeous lyricism and throaty, haunting vocals you can’t easily tune out. We caught up with her to find out why the actress decided she needed to add singer-songwriter to her long list of accomplishments.

I think a lot of critics will be surprised when they hear Heartstrings. It’s a really intriguing and atmospheric album. Tell me a little bit about “Blue Afternoon.” It’s one of my favorite tracks.

Oh, thanks! I actually wrote it before I even had the melody or the music. I wrote it as a kind of a long poem. And I wrote it when I was visiting — this sounds so silly — I was visiting Barcelona for a friend’s wedding and I missed my flight and so I basically just went back to the hotel and had to spend the night. Luckily, I had my guitar with me, and I had the words to this poem and basically just rearranged it and put it to music. I think it was sort of just an amalgamation of experiences in love. It’s definitely the most romantic or at least wholeheartedly romantic song on the record. I think that even the songs that sort — they’re not necessarily sad, but they have a touch of irony, even the ones that are about being in love. It’s mostly me questioning love, even at its best. So that’s kind of what it’s about, and it’s just about the corny idea of being lost in someone and not being able to get yourself out and being OK with that.

A lot of the songs are about questioning love, which is funny and ironic since you and Adam got married this year. Are the songs autobiographical?

Absolutely. Totally. Yeah, I think it’s good — this is not necessarily an answer to that topic, but it’s just drawing from years of experience. I’m finally putting it out now but you know, I’ve been working on it quite a while.

Tell me a little bit about “Runaway.”

That I wrote when I was visiting Budapest, doing a movie there. I think it was…it sort of just has a pace and a feeling of traveling, just being on the road and away from home and away from the person that you are at home and away from the person that you’re with at home. Also at the time I think I just wanted to convey an idea or capture an idea of when it’s all wrong and it’s over with someone how desperate you feel to keep it going, even if it’s not right. Maybe if you can start fresh again, or if you can get away together, or you can just say: “Let’s hit the reset button and go back to where we started. ” That’s not possible, but the idea is nice.

This was an amazing year for you: You made your Broadway debut, you dropped a new album, plus you have several films coming out, and you got married. With so much happening, how are you balancing all of this?

It’s weird, I think it sounds like a lot, but everything doesn’t come at once. You can sort of space it out. If you’re lucky, there are waves of good times when you’re working a lot and then a month here or there where you have nothing. Then you don’t have to do anything and you can spend time at home or go on vacation or whatever. That’s sort of the nature of this business. I’m just happy to be working, and it doesn’t seem like it’s a lot. Now, I don’t necessarily want to do more than one thing at a time. I used to say I could; I was trying to sort of keep it going. So I would be doing a show and then I’d be doing a movie on the weekend, and then I’d be making music at night. Now, when I was doing the play [Of Mice and Men] in New York, that’s all I did. I wanted to focus on that. I think it’s really helpful because then you really do have your free time when you have it so you can decompress instead of just running somewhere else and doing other work. I don’t know that I’ll always have that luxury. My writing is very therapeutic—which is pretty chill, pretty nice. I spend a lot of time at home and luckily in the last couple of years, the projects that I’ve been doing and the things that I’ve been working on, I’m super happy with and proud of. So it doesn’t necessarily feel like work. And then doing something like this, like an interview, I don’t know if you could tell, but I could talk for hours about these things because I’m so proud of them and really excited about it.

What attracted you to Life Partners?

First, the script: It had me like just laughing and in tears. It really captured kind of a real friendship between two girls. I also really like the message about friendship and I love seeing too the dynamic between women in the film, especially when it’s not all centered around a guy and every conversation isn’t about a man. Just to see the genuine friendship and bond that two women can have.

Also, I was just really thrilled and excited that I would be able to play a character like this. It’s something that I’d ever done. But truthfully, the people that I know or the people that know me, my friends, who’ve seen it, they are like, “It’s so funny, this is the most like you of any character I’ve ever seen.” So it’s good to be able to play something that’s a little bit closer to myself as far as the character’s personality. And then I couldn’t be more blessed with the crew and other cast because just being onset was the best time I’ve ever had doing a movie or anything. I’m so proud of the film and the love that it’s getting and the support. It was just the best time ever with these women — exciting and fun and basically we just got to play and make our own words and just geek out and it was awesome.

Heartstrings, is available Oct. 28. Life Partners will be in theaters Dec. 5.

Adam Brody Talks About Having Kids with Leighton!

Adam Brody is opening up about married life with Leighton Meester and kissing ex-girlfriend Rachel Bilson!

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything this week, the 34-year-old actor was asked about his 28-year-old wife. “She’s swell!” Brody replied to one fan. Another user asked him what life at home is like. “I do some stuff but she definitely does the heavy lifting(figuratively),” he said, adding, “Literally, I do the heavy lifting.”

As for how many kids he wants to have with Meester, he joked, “I say twelve. And I decide.” Meanwhile, fans of the OC asked Brody if he still stays in contacts with former costars Rachel Bilson, Benjamin McKenzie or Mischa Barton. “I’m in constant psychic communication with all of them. And Ben and I also get lunch in this dimension sometimes,” he answered. “I do still keep in contact with Ben, but I bully the shit out of him,” he later added.

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Leighton Meester, Adam Brody Married in Secret Wedding!

Gossip Girl would have a field day with this one! Less than three months after news of their engagement went public, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have married in a super-secret wedding, multiple sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.

Us exclusively revealed back in February 2013 that the Gossip Girl alum, 27, and the former O.C. star, 34, were dating. The pair — both of whom starred on shows created by Josh Schwartz — had worked together two years earlier on the 2011 film The Oranges and “were always close and friendly,” an insider said at the time.

Nine months later, in November 2013, a source confirmed to Us that the resolutely private twosome were engaged. Neither has commented on the romance publicly, but they’ve been spotted in and around Hollywood on a handful of occasions over the last year. They also worked together again on the upcoming comedy Life Partners.

This is the first marriage for both. Meester previously dated actor Aaron Himelstein, and Brody was linked to director Lorene Scafaria and also romanced his O.C. costar Rachel Bilson.

Leighton Meester joins Broadway’s ‘Of Mice and Men’

Leighton Meester to make Broadway debut opposite James Franco and Chris O’Dowd in ‘Of Mice and Men.’

The starry cast of Broadway’s upcoming production of Of Mice and Men just got a little starrier.

Leighton Meester will join James Franco and Chris O’Dowd in the play, which hasn’t been performed on the Main Stem in 40 years. The Gossip Girl alumna will, in her Broadway debut, appear as Curley’s wife, a flirtatious young woman who poses a threat to O’Dowd’s character, the well-meaning but mentally limited Lennie.

The show is set to begin previews March 19 and open April 16 at the Longacre Theatre.

Leighton Meester, Adam Brody Are Engaged! Former Gossip Girl Star and O.C. Stud to Wed

Whoever thought the icy Blair Waldorf would meet her match in sensitive O.C. stud Seth Cohen?!

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are engaged, a source confirms to E! News.

The notoriously private couple have been dating for less than a year and were first romantically linked in early February.

While the lovebirds have yet to publically confirm their romance, the twosome were most recently seen holding hands in NYC and have been photographed together a handful of times while out and about in Los Angeles.

Brody and Meester both worked together on the 2011 filmThe Oranges before they began spending time together romantically in 2013.

Prior to Adam, Leighton dated actor Aaron Himelstein,whom she met on the set of Remember the Dazeand before Aaron, she was romantically linked to her formerGossip Girl costar Sebastian Stan. Brody, meanwhile, was said to be seeing director and screenwriter Lorene Scafaria back in 2010, and, during the height of The O.C.‘s popularity, he dated costar Rachel Bilson from 2003 to 2006.

And while Meester always plays coy when it comes to talking about the men in her life, she opened up about falling in love to Cosmopolitan magazine back in 2012.

“I haven’t been in a lot of relationships, but I’ve been in love,” she said. “There’s an inexplicable chemistry. You just really, really want to, like, stare at the person. I’ve never fallen in love right off the bat. I get scared to say I love you too soon because it means so much. It means you’re not seeing an end to things.”

Wonderwall was first to break the couple’s engagement news.

Congrats, you two!

Are Leighton Meester and Adam Brody headed to the altar?

Are Leighton Meester and Adam Brody hearing wedding bells? According to our sources — that is a YES!

The low-key couple are said to be engaged after Adam popped the question this fall after more than a year of dating.

A spy tells us Leighton and Adam celebrated the happy news with close friends and family at an engagement bash in Los Angeles on Nov. 10.

Reps for Leighton and Adam did not return calls seeking comment.

For a pair of pretty faces from the small screen — Leighton played Blair Waldorf on “Gossip Girl” while Adam starred as Seth Cohen on “The O.C.” — you’d expect tongues to be wagging all over town about their courtship. However, it’s been quite the opposite.

They’ve managed to stay out of the spotlight for most of their romance. While they have been photographed together a handful of times –- from dinner dates, movie outings and trips to New York — the duo have never commented on their relationship.

In February, news broke that they were an item. At the time, a source told Us Weekly that the pair had been “secretly dating” after being friends for several years. They previously worked together on the 2011 film “The Oranges.”

They gave a subtle confirmation of their status when they were spotted arm-in-arm while attending the June 26 premiere of Adam’s film “Some Girl(s).” They’ve also been spotted holding hands and engaging in other mild PDA on date nights, coffee runs and dog walks over the summer and into the fall.

No word yet on whether they’ve set a date for the rumored nuptials.

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‘Veronica Mars’ movie: Leighton Meester’s role recast

Leighton Meester will not reprise her role in the upcoming Veronica Mars film, but the television show’s creator Rob Thomas announced today that Meester’s character will, indeed, live on.

Replacing Meester as Neptune High mean girl Carrie Bishop? Andrea Estella, lead singer of indie pop band Twin Sister.

In an e-mail update sent to the movie’s Kickstarter backers, Thomas explained the casting, saying, “One of the reasons I wanted Leighton, beyond her talent/beauty/history in the show, was that we needed a performer who could sing in this important role. Once it became evident that we couldn’t make Leighton’s schedule work, I decided to cast someone from a band I already wanted in the movie.”

Meester was unable to appear as she is filming another movie “on the wrong coast,” Thomas added.

The Veronica Mars movie, which was made possible thanks to more than $5.5 million in fund raising via the website Kickstarter, is currently in production in Los Angeles.

Source: EW

Adam Brody, Leighton Meester Hold Hands at First Public Event as Couple

What a teen dream team! Adam Brody and Leighton Meester looked smitten stepping out as a couple at the Los Angeles premiere of Brody’s new film Some Girl(s) on Wednesday, June 26. The pair, who have been dating since late January, didn’t seem to mind being snapped together, holding hands as they headed out of the event.

Meester, 27, kept her look bright and breezy in a two-toned blue dress, baby pink satchel and nude sandals. The former Gossip Girl actress kept her hair in loose waves around her face.

Her beau, 33-year-old Brody, meanwhile, wore a simple powder-blue button down and bright blue slacks for the film’s premiere. The duo kept close as they left the festivities, with Meester grabbing for Brody’s arm at one point.

As Us Weekly first reported in February, the pair “were always close and friendly,” and started “hanging out” toward the end of January.

Brody and Meester were first spotted together taking in art exhibits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Feb. 1, and were later snapped traveling together through Bangkok earlier this year. Though neither has explicitly spoken out about their relationship, Meester did admit to being a romantic during an interview with Lucky magazine last summer.

“I love love. It’s the most intriguing universally understood emotion, and it comes in so many forms: family love, love of friends,” she told the magazine’s July 2012 issue. “I fall in love with everybody all the time.”

The veteran teen drama actors first met on the set of their 2011 dramedy The Oranges, and will next costar together again in upcoming comedy Life Partners.

Meester was previously linked to artist Aaron Himelstein, but the pair called it quits after just a little over a year of dating. Former OC star Brody was last linked to director Lorene Scafaria back in 2010.

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Gossip Girl 2013 Teen Choice Awards Nomination!

Congratulation to Gossip Girl for scoring 1 nominations at 2013 Teen Choice Awards! The event will be held on August 11, 2013. Remember to cast your vote daily!

Choice TV Show: Drama
“Gossip Girl”
“Pretty Little Liars”
“Switched At Birth”

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‘Gossip Girl’ Star Leighton Meester Joins Robert Downey Jr. in ‘The Judge’

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester has joined Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge, the Warner Bros. dramedy being directed by David Dobkin.

Meester joins a cast the includes Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Vincent D’Onofrio, Dax Shepard, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Judge is a co-production between Team Downey and Big Kid Pictures and a Boston shoot beginning in June is being eyed.

Downey stars as a successful attorney who returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral to discover that his estranged father (Robert Duvall), the town’s judge, is suspected of murder. The man sets out to discover the truth, and along the way, reconnects with the family he walked away from years before.

Meester will play a character with whom Downey has a one-night and whose later revelations cause quite a bit of headaches for the man.

Judge is Meester’s first major move since wrapping Gossip Girl, which ran for six seasons on the CW. In that time, she appeared in such movies as Date Night, Country Strong, The Oranges and That’s My Boy.

She is repped by WME, Leverage Management, and Stone Meyer.

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Leighton Meester Hides in Adam Brody’s Backseat, Still Gets Snapped by Paparazzi

Why so shy, Leighton Meester?

The Gossip Girl star tried to hide from the paparazzi in the backseat of Adam Brody‘s car Thursday.

The former O.C. star looked bemused as the brunette beauty ducked for cover. Although the duo is clearly trying to downplay their relationship, it’s reportedly been going on for several weeks. According to Us Weekly, they even traveled to Bangkok together earlier this week.

Leighton and Adam, we’re onto you! Just make your red carpet debut as a couple, OK? xoxo, E! News.

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Adam Brody Leaves Leighton Meester’s House After Relationship Reveal

ow that news of their relationship has gone public, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are no longer trying to keep their mutual affection on the DL. As first reported in the new issue of Us Weekly, The O.C. vet, 33, and the Gossip Girl alum, 26, began dating several weeks ago.

Brody was photographed leaving Meester’s home in L.A. on Wednesday, Feb. 6. The two met on the set of the 2012 dramedy The Oranges. “They were always close and friendly,” an insider says, noting that the pair would hang out on occasion during shooting for the film.

“They’re a really cute couple,” another source says. “They’ve been circling around in similar circles for years.”

In a July interview with Lucky magazine, Meester — whose exes include actors Sebastian Stan and Aaron Himelstein — talked candidly about her desire to find The One. “I love love. It’s the most intriguing universally understood emotion, and it comes in so many forms: family love, love of friends,” the actress said. “I fall in love with everybody all the time.”

Brody dated O.C. his costar Rachel Bilson until 2006. The Lovelace actor most recently dated screenwriter Lorene Scafaria in 2011.

Source: Us Weekly

Exclusive: Adam Brody, Leighton Meester Dating!

It’s like a teenage dream come true! Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, both veterans of the teen drama genre, have been secretly dating for weeks, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

The actors, who costarred in 2011 dramedy The Oranges alongside Catherine Keener and Hugh Laurie, have been “hanging out,” the source tells Us.

“They were always close and friendly,” the insider added, noting that the pair would hang out on occasion during shooting for the film.

Brody, 33, first landed in the spotlight as lovable comic book geek Seth Cohen on the WB’s hit The O.C. back in the early 2000s. He was most recently linked to director Lorene Scafaria, who wrote Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, back in 2010.

Gossip Girl actress Meester, meanwhile, previously dated actor Aaron Himelstein, though the 26-year-old parted ways with him over the holidays.

And even though she and Brody have been keeping their relationship out of the public eye, the new couple has already been making their rounds, traveling together to Bangkok earlier this year and taking in art exhibits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Friday, Feb. 1.

Source: Us Magazine

Leighton Meester reveals her latest love affair: with ‘The Oranges’ and the Big Apple

In her new movie, this ‘Gossip Girl” plays a Jersey girl who falls for Hugh LauriAll of the rumors you may have heard about Leighton Meester are true.

The co-star of TV’s primetime soap opera “Gossip Girl” is a serious-minded young woman determined to keep her Louboutin-loving, lighter-than-air TV character from defining her.

Exhibit A: Her turn in the sensitive, sometimes uncomfortably satirical comedy “The Oranges,” opening Friday.

“It’s a complete 180-degree turn from anything I’ve ever done,” says Meester, 26, of her new role. “This fulfills something within myself that I could never find in my series.”

In “The Oranges,” Meester portrays Nina, a self-involved Jersey girl who comes home to her parents (Oliver Platt, Allison Janney) for the holidays after five years away. While there, Nina drops a bomb by beginning an affair with her family’s fiftyish neighbor David (Hugh Laurie). He and his wife, Paige (Catherine Keener), are best friends with Nina’s folks.

“The love that Hugh and I portray is not some sort of physical infatuation,” Meester says. “It really comes across as a relationship that has respect and a real rapport.

“And that was easy with Hugh. He’s someone I’ve known and I genuinely could fall in love with.”

Six years ago, Meester worked with Laurie on two episodes of his series, “House.” That led to a friendship and a level of comfort that clearly helped when time came to film “The Oranges.”

“It’s not like we’re doing ‘Lolita’ here,” says the 53-year-old Laurie. “The consequences of these characters’ actions are taken very seriously and respectfully. Having said that, having known Leighton from her experience on ‘House’ was an enormous help.”

Born in Fort Worth, Tex., Meester lived for awhile in Florida before moving to New York as a preteen. She had a famously tough upbringing. Both of her parents had dealt marijuana when they were younger, and Leighton was born in a halfway house while her mother served time in a federal prison for trafficking.

“From that, I’ve learned that you can never judge people, because they grow and evolve,” Meester says.

She attended the professional Children’s School in New York, turning her modeling experiences into a career. She moved to L.A. at age 14 and began acting. She did guest spots on more than a dozen series, then nabbed recurring roles on a “Tarzan” re-do and the fourth season of “24” before landing “Gossip Girl” in 2007.

She’s now spent six seasons as the show’s icy, privileged Blair Waldorf — and the final season starts on Monday. But Meester says playing in “The Oranges” gave her a chance to explore where a character “came from and where she might go.”

“That is so satisfying,” Meester says. “I don’t get that with ‘Gossip Girl.’ It’s just episode after episode, for six years. Frankly, you grow out of it. Having said that, I am so grateful to have the show. It’s given me the opportunity to do this film and many others.”

The others include “Going the Distance” with Drew Barrymore, “Country Strong” with Gwyneth Paltrow and this past summer’s “That’s My Boy” with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.

“Country Strong” allowed Meester to showcase her passion for music. Since doing that 2010 film, she’s launched her own music career.

“The Oranges,” meanwhile, allowed Meester renew her passion for New York.

“The movie’s given me the chance to live in the city and be a part of this wonderful creative community,” she says. “It’s been great for me.”

Meester reveals that while filming the movie in Westchester, she lived with Laurie, Janney, Platt and co-star Adam Brody — all in one house.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Meester says. “We actually did become like a family. Hugh would be playing piano in the den downstairs, while I played my guitar. Oliver brought his kids in and really acted like my dad. We all had dinner together every night.

“I love being in New York. It’s where I’m at my most creative. There’s an energy here that I don’t find either back home in Florida or even in L.A. I use my time here to pursue music and movies. When ‘Gossip Girl’ ends, I’ll be willing to struggle to pursue my music career.

“When I’m not working, I’m walking my dog along the Hudson or watching a sunset on the Highline.”

Or, she admits, there is one more place she can be found: “Back at my one-room apartment to get some sleep.”

Source: NY Daily News